Taylor Swift’s Fan Appreciation Gifts: Celebrity Challenge to #TayItForward

So today I came across a video trending where Taylor Swift is apparently still sending gifts to her fans. She sent her bodyguard to hand deliver a “SwiftEx” box with several goodies which included a hand painted personalized watercolor for her fan Rebekah. There were also some other trinkets which were special to her which she wanted to pass on to her fan, like regular besties might do. And finally, she gifted her $1989 towards her student loans in the amount of her newest record title.

So, to Hollywood divas and douches that think you are too far above the masses…remember how you came into all your fine opportunities, cash flow and fame? It was due to your fans. Hard work may be a big part for some people, excluding celebutants like supposed “reality” television stars and others. At the end of the day you owe your debt back to your fans that watch you, listen to you and consume everything to do with your existence.

I hereby issue a celebrity challenge: Follow Taylor Swift’s lead. #TayItForward. Give something back to your fans. Engage with them sincerely. Send something to them. Share something with them. Give something more of yourself than just bearing your buns on a magazine cover (cough…Kim Kardashian). Be a positive light for people to feel good about rather than have a fame seeking negative and spoiled image that does nothing for yourself or your fans.

I’ve only had one cd by Taylor Swift which was a Christmas one. I’ve never really considered myself a fan of hers. Until today. For those that say she is doing this for publicity, well…in a way yes…publicizing that she appreciates her fans. That is a positive reason to spread to the world. I’d rather see this, rather than people making a sex tape, joining “reality” tv casts, shaving your head while on a drug binge or whatever else you see daily in the news with alot of people these days.

Kudos, Taylor! You are sparkle-riffic!!

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