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Video: How to Make a Candy Bouquet with M&M’s and Snickers Sparkle by Monica

Had to update one of my crafty bouquet tutorials I did awhile back, so it lost the views. If you are interested in viewing this “sweet” video, I sure would appreciate the help getting it back up and running at YouTube. I love making these types of things. Now that I’ve moved away, I don’t have any new friends to make these nifty goodies for yet. Sniffles. Thanks bunches!

Video: How to Make Duct Tape Valentine Heart Earrings with Seed Beads and Chain HD

Boy was this little video a literal labor of “love”! I did this a few weeks ago, but it has been a nightmare to edit and now get uploaded. hahaha. Well, at least this is still Valentine’s Day. So, enjoy. It has an HD selection, so be sure to select that format up to 1080! Please be sure to view on YouTube, comment, like and SUBSCRIBE if you’ve not already done so. Happy Sparkletines Day to you, everyone!

Joann Fabrics and Crafts Store Grand Opening in El Paso, Texas with Great Gift Cards and Discounts!


I FINALLY got to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores’ grand opening in El Paso, Texas today. It’s actually an upgraded store at a new location, as their previous store was VERY SMALL and rundown. It reminded me of those old Hancock Fabric stores in East TN where I grew up. It’s the only Joann’s here in El Paso, so I’m glad they did this, although it’s about a 25-30 minute drive to that part of town from where I live. Sniffles. They had already been opened for a week, however, from Feb. 12-14th, was their official grand opening where they were offering freebie gift cards from $10-250 plus additional discounts and free totes.

I got a $20 gift card for being in the first 100 peeps in line. At first there was a slight panic because although we got there about 8:15am and they weren’t planning to open until 9:00am, the line was already LONG. The panic started building as people were cutting in line where they apparently had friends or family already in line, so when they came (LATER) they jumped in with their pals instead of getting to the back of the line as they really should have done. Never fear though. A sweet gal I was in line beside very efficiently got the store manager on the phone to alert them that they really needed to be handing out tickets or something, since people were cutting in line. Another 20 minutes later…cough…he came to do so.

**Note to Joanns El Paso for future grand opening giveaway events…have a staff member watching the line and giving out tickets before the chaos begins!**

There was a scream followed by clapping shortly after they let us all into the store. Then their photographer ran to find the screaming crafter, as they were the lucky recipient of the $250 gift card. (The cards were all a scratch off amount on top, sort of like a lottery ticket). I would have probably passed out before I got the scream out. hahaha. I was tickled with my $20 though!

I also got a sparkletine gift of 60% off beads which were on sale this week (BONUS!) with additional 20% off for today only! AND a free tote (which they even let me pick my color!) since I spent at least $20. I entered for a chance to win $500 gift card, so if I were to win that…I may have to go to beaders anonymous meetings for a year! hahaha. Now I can use my Joann’s haul to make more pretties! Sparkle-riffic Valentine’s Day morning!

***Additional note to Joanns El Paso: PLEASE for the love of all things sparkly and crafty….OPEN ANOTHER LOCATION, BUT ON THE WEST SIDE OF EL PASO!! ***

Valentine Sparkletine Contest: Show the Love to Sparkle by Monica!

Last year I ran a social media contest for my handmade jewelry business A Touch of Sparkle by Monica. The winner of last year’s contest won a delightful wire wrapped ring design using a heart shaped button. I would like to try this again, so get ready!

If you would like a chance to win a Valentine themed piece of jewelry, please show me the love and do the following wherever you participate on social media:

  1. Facebook: like my page and Valentine Bracelets photo album tag me @sparklebymonica , using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica describing why you would love an item in the photo album.
  2. Instagram: Follow and tag me @touchofsparkl , using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica in a brief sentence accompanying a picture modeling one of my pieces that you’ve either received from me as a gift or purchased from me.
  3. Pinterest: Follow any or all of my boards. Add one of my Valentine themed items from my Etsy shop to your Valentine themed board and tag me @touchofsparkl , using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica describing why you would love that item.
  4. Twitter: Follow and mention me @touchofsparkl . Use the hashtag #SparkleByMonica in a brief sentence accompanying a picture modeling one of my pieces that you’ve either received from me as a gift or purchased from me.
  5. YouTube: Subscribe to my channel and watch a video of your choice all the way to the end. Like it and comment what you loved most about the video, using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica.

There are 5 ways to enter and win this year! Depending on the amount of participation, I may award up to 5 lucky people a Valentine themed piece of jewelry complete with pretty pink and red packaging.

Enter as many times as you like from 12:00 am on Thursday February 5th through 5:00pm on Wednesday 11th, 2015. I will select a winner or up to 5 winners by midnight on the 11th. I plan to ship out on the 12th in hopes that you may receive your very own Sparkletine from me in time for the holiday weekend. Be sure to watch for winner announcements and get ready to message me with your mailing address if selected!

Thanks, sparkly shoppers, for showing me the love again this year! I appreciate your business and look forward to filling your custom orders!