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Import Blogger to WordPress

After my last post, I discovered that I am getting more blog followers here at WordPress verses my Blogger account even though my Blogger shows up higher in the Google search results than my WordPress blog. If you read my previous post where I compared blogs through Blogger, WordPress and Wix’s website, you understand now what I mean by Google Plus complicating the Blogger “follow” stats.

After this week’s increased followers discovery here on WordPress, I’ve decided to import my Blogger posts here to WordPress and track the stats on all 3 blogs for 3 months. That should be sufficient time to see if my WordPress blog climbs higher than Blogger in Google’s search results (probably won’t since Google owns Blogger) and see if Wix does any better scenario with their blog apps regarding the strange web URL hashtag issue.

To import my Blogger posts, I did a Google search and discovered I had the option to import blogs via the Admin feature here in WordPress settings. I first have to export my entire blog from Blogger which yields an .XML file to save to my computer. Then I must import that file here to WordPress which was ultra quick for my small amount of 27 posts.

To import into WordPress:

  • Click My site,
  • WP Admin,
  • Tools,
  • Import,
  • Blogger (also has other blog options for different sites),
  • then click Choose File to select that exported .XML file you saved.

Blogger import screen

After that, you will probably want to add your tags if they came over blank like mine did. It had my tags showing in the categories area. Then you are done! Very simple! I’m not sure if my existing new followers here are notified now that I’ve imported a bunch of content from another blog. *If you are reading this as a new follower, please leave me a comment to advise me if you did get a notice about all these extra posts.

Depending on the data, I will cease using 2 of these 3 services and streamline my blogging time management by eliminating the need to copy/paste into Wix and importing from Blogger to WordPress. Upon further research in the next 3 months, I also plan to gauge the importance of purchasing an additional domain name to attach specifically to my blog instead of using the freebie versions offered, which also affects the search results if someone tries looking me up “simply” like this: Sparkle by Monica Blog.

I see many big time YouTubers and crafters using freebie Blogger and WordPress blogs, so I’m not certain that paying for a domain name that just has my website plus the word blog after it will make a huge difference. Onward to more research I go!

Hope this helps anyone out there looking to move content from one blog to another. Have a sparkle-riffic day!

New Video: Deer TV El Paso Texas Franklin Mountains

A family of beautiful deer that keep travelling on a strip of hillside behind my house toward Franklin Mountains. 2 bucks, with 4 other deer totalling 6 in all. Not a sparkly jewelry topic video, but still so beautiful I had to share! Have a sparkle-tastic day!

Please don’t forget to visit my website for information on my handmade jewelry and craft tutorials.

Blog Comparison: Blogger vs. WordPress vs. Wix

Still trying out this blogging thing. I primarily use the free Blogger service which I then link to my website while also copying/pasting into directly through their blog app. Blogger, while free, is confusing regarding followers and interactions. Readers are now funneled through the Google+ and +1 follows instead of direct followers via the Blogger button. It appears I don’t have any Blogger followers as a result of how it is tied to Google+, but I apparently have 48 personal profile Google+ followers (which you can’t get around having a personal one) and 23 biz profile Google + followers checking out my blog. Go figure. haha

Google Plus Monica Google Plus Sparkle

My Wix blog, activated through my paid website with them, has a cleaner appearance, whereas my Blogger has a mish mash of text links and months which drags the eye too far via the scroll bar, in my opinion. I do like the “popular posts” widget at Blogger since it shows the thumbnail pics of each post that way. Depending on your settings…it may only have a few of your most popular posts to catch their eye, but if they want to read all posts they still have to scroll eternally through text titles or by month. Blogger and Wix both offer several cool widgets and opportunities for HTML coding.

Wix’s blog is not a completely sparkle-tastic blog yet because of its confusing web URL. Although it is directly tied into your functioning website (which is fabulous if you pay for a personalized domain name), the actual blog address is your domain name with additional hashtags, wierd letters and symbols (Ex. my Wix blog link is!blog/c1uan). These strange characters are in order to use Ajax technology which Wix still hasn’t changed to simplify to, oh let’s say… -hahaha! Anyway, until then I am doing my original posts at Blogger to appease my Google viewers and pasting an entry into Wix for those visiting that tab directly on my website. Wix does offer the Blogger widget, however, if you are unsatisfied with the templates at Blogger…you’ll still be in the predicament I am in with appearances.


Blogger snapshot


Wix blog

Wix snapshot

Enter WordPress blogs. I’ve had limited experience using this site, but I know many people swear by it’s many templates and features. Last March, I created a WordPress blog specifically for a digital marketing campaign that I was selected to run for the NAU Business Administration department. It had a few free layouts with a clean style, but many paid theme versions can get crazy expensive. I also needed to write the HTML coding to do a lot in WordPress, which at Wix or Blogger I can just drag and drop widgets.

I am initiating this post here within my rarely used free WordPress because I had signed up to follow The Frugal Crafter. As a result of getting back in here at WP, I decided to post something and will now have to populate it at Blogger and Wix later on so that my audiences will be able to read this. If you enjoy WordPress themes, Wix does offer a widget to link your blog to your Wix site just as they offer the Blogger widget. By installing the widget inside Wix, it simply redirects your reader to your external Blogger or WordPress address.

Blogs can certainly be useful tools, but with limited freebie options in your templates and strange symbols causing your blog not to show up well in a Google search (contrary to Wix’s reasoning for the Ajax tech)…the choices can be a bit boggling to the mind. haha. My Blogger shows up way before my WordPress or Wix blogs in the Google search, which is why I’m still employing this via a widget at my Wix site.

Pick a site wherever you feel comfy and get to blogging. Here are some final tips to help you in your blog adventures:

  1. Use visuals in your blog to demonstrate an idea or tutorial -snag their interest.
  2. Blog at least once a week. (I struggle with this myself).
  3. Avoid lengthy text only blogs, but instead try bite size entries with photos and even consider making them into a blog series.
  4. Select clean templates without too many distracting or harsh colors.
  5. Discuss interesting topics that you are passionate about. Readers will enjoy your enthusiasm.
  6. Consider using affiliate link widgets sparingly which allows you to monetize your content.
  7. Remember to proofread and use spell check.
  8. Remain professional and avoid cursing!
  9. Link other blog articles, helpful websites and similar content to help bolster your blog post with further details for your readers.
  10. Have fun!

Please Use My Amazon Associates Referral Link to Purchase

Howdy, sparkly shoppers.

I’ve been taking the time to tweak my website and update or change several ways I am transacting online. I was finally able to update my referral link to Amazon in relation to my Sparkle By Monica domain name instead of my old rainbowkittys website.

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Sparkly thanks! Happy shopping!

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DIY Candy Bouquet: Dum Dums Tootsie Roll Lollipop Ice Cream Sundae | Spa…

Howdy, y’all! Here’s another one of my popular candy bouquet DIY videos that I recently shortened and updated the music. If you’ve not seen it yet, now’s your chance to check it out. Please comment, like & SUBSCRIBE! Thank you.