Gift Craft Tutorial: Soda Pop Candy Bouquet. Please Help Me Recover My Stats.

Collage stockings

Hello, sparkly shoppers! I had to revise one of my candy bouquet tutorials, so I took the opportunity to trim out about 6 1/2 minutes, remove some of the distracting stocking headers and change the music. All of these issues were the most common pet peeves in the comments from 2013 when this video was originally uploaded. (Back when my channel had just begun).

These candy bouquets are so easy to make for any occasion. It happened that this one was for a December birthday, so the candy I used had a Christmas theme in the colors and embellishments I chose. You can do these for people who are in the hospital, get well gifts, birthdays, holidays or just because.


You will need:

  • Soda Pop (full can they can drink after eating candy)
  • Small Styrofoam cup
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon (curly ribbon looks cutest)
  • Pointy toothpicks
  • Tape (clear)
  • Embellishments (such as name tag, stickers) as desired

So, if you missed it back then (please help me recover my video stats by viewing this updated one) or just want to see the shorter version now…grab some cocoa and enjoy! Please watch my Soda Pop Bouquet Tutorial and remember to comment, like & subscribe over at my YouTube channel.

As always, please visit my website for more information on my handmade jewelry, videos, crafty blogs, class schedules and other announcements. Have a sparkle-riffic day!

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