Reusable Wreathe Decor for All Seasons

wreathe collageI made a couple of wreathes last month and FINALLY got time to edit for a vlog DIY on my YouTube channel. Check out my video wreathe DIY tutorial here.

Things You’ll Need

These were made using wreathe forms consisting of vine. I purchased them for $6.99 at Hobby Lobby, with one 40% off coupon. I got several sprigs of fall foliage on sale at Hobby Lobby as well as some flowers,ribbon, sparkly tulle and faux birdies at the Dollar Tree.

This was a free-form design on both wreathes. I’ve never made any before, so I’m quite pleased with how well they turned out. I didn’t make anything permanently adhere, so after I get a Christmas tree up I can easily change out the look of both wreathes.

I had lots of flowers left over and rather than take them back for refunds, I decided to sprinkle them throughout my house in vases as well as placing some in pots in my front and back yards. Several plants had died out and by popping some faux flowers in the pots, it renewed my yard with great colors!

extra flower collage

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These vine wreathes are fabulous to use, in my opinion, because of their sustainability and rustic appeal. Foam wreathes are available, however, those are really better suited for decorations that you don’t intend to take apart and reuse. With the vine, it is easier to weave the floral stems into the flow of the vine itself. If you need an added bit of security, you can use pipe cleaners or floral wire to help secure from the back side. I didn’t need to do that since I cut my stems pretty long enough to weave securely.

Since I was going for a rustic and natural vibe, I decided to perch some little faux birdies which I feel really added some “life” to the designs. They are also driving my cats insane, but thankfully both wreathes are too high for them to climb to investigate. lol.

bird collage

You can choose any type(s) of flowers and get as fancy with glitter and embellishments as you desire or just keep it simple with natural elements. I prefer the wreathe I did with the sparkle tulle that I purchased from the Dollar Tree, as opposed to the pumpkin bow that I made. I love how the tulle flows and frames the design. The pumpkin bow is beautiful and very easy to make, which is similar to my video tutorial on how to make a gift bow for packages. The wreathe bow is essentially the same thing, but I used a pipe cleaner to wrap around the longer tails in this case.

So no matter your decorating style, using frugal methods and supplies doesn’t necessarily mean the outcome looks cheap. You can make any holiday sparkle with a small budget to purchase discounted  or dollar store items. You can also create sustainable decor by reusing some previous craft supplies, recycling/ reusing materials and having a great imagination.

wreathe collage 3



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