How to Make a Puffy Gift Bow for Any Occasion

I made a previous video tutorial on this topic, however, since the video angle was done at a time when I was still figuring out how to make YouTube videos…I thought I’d update with this colorful closeup version.

Most of my ribbon came from Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby and Michaels, but I have tons in my stash. lol.

Previous bow tutorial:

I made several decorations in a pink and blue theme to match my handmade jewelry business theme this year. One of my ornaments was a blue gift box with a puffy snowflake bow in coordinating colors. It looks beautiful tucked into my Pretty in Pink Christmas tree from Treetopia. Although this is a strange color scheme for Christmas, it makes sense for my brand. Also, I can use the pink tree for other events if I desire, such as Valentine’s, Easter and baby showers.

Go check out my bow tutorial and please give me a thumb’s up at my YouTube channel if you like it, as that helps my revenue through Google Adsense. Many thanks and have a sparkly Christmas, y’all!

Meowy Christmas Cat collage

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