Handmade Glass Ribbon & Beads Ornaments Tutorial

ornament intro

This Christmas, as many of my sparkly fans already know, I had a first-ever pink tree purchased from Treetopia which I needed to decorate. As this tree was originally meant for a bead store which I have unfortunately not been able to open, I had chosen my jewelry brand colors of pink and blue. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of turquoise and blue decorations out there. I did decide to go frugal and make my own glass ornaments which I purchased 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I filled them with ribbon stash pieces, donated fake snow and irregularly shaped seed beads.

Please watch the video tutorial I made showing this simple crafty Christmas decoration idea.

Key things to remember in this common sense tutorial:

  • Use a funnel to insert fake snow and seed beads
  • Cut small pieces of ribbon so they fit inside lip of ornament
  • Putting flat glitter tape on a spherical ornament results in a crinkly design

You can use a host of materials to put inside these empty glass ornaments. You can even use paint pens to draw on the outside of them. Another paint idea is to put a few drops of acrylic paint or nail polish and then swirl it around the inside. You can include glitter, buttons, candy and just about anything you desire as long as it isn’t too heavy to hang.

I used between 10-12 inches of baker’s twine to create bows on the top of each ornament. I bought them in multi-color packages at the Dollar Tree. They lent an overall coordinated look to the various ribbon designs.

I enjoyed making these frugal ornaments, especially since I know they are unique to my brand. If you have fun watching my tutorial, please click the thumb’s up directly at YouTube so that I get proper credit in my stats. Also, if you have not already done so, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I hope you all had a sparkle-riffic Christmas and enjoy the new year! Now onward to watch a great classic movie- White Christmas with Bing Crosby!

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