2016 Planner Reviews and DIY Paper Clips

DIY planner intro avatar.png

I have FINALLY completed my 2016 planner review and DIY paper clip tutorial! This is my first vlog on this topic. I must admit to being a stationery addict, so planner and do it yourself (DIY) planner/ office supplies are favorites of mine. I missed Lilly’s August agenda notifications, so I’m once again only using mine Jan-Dec and missing those first few months of the academic year. It’s all good though.

This year, in addition to a new Lilly Pulitzer Wild Confetti Jumbo Agenda, I also snagged a copy of the Lisa Jacobs planner. 2016 Your Best Year is really more of a workbook for creative artisans and entrepreneurs looking to motivate yourself and accelerate your craft business. There have been some great inspirational tips so far in the workbook. I am already putting some of those planning strategies to good use as I re-vamp my handmade jewelry hobby into a full time business.

I’ve seen so many peeps making cute little paper clips for their planners and such. Since I make hair bows and also have a ton of ribbons and buttons for scrapbooking and jewelry making, I decided to include a few paper clip options that I made. Using glue and wire to attach lovely sparkles to the clips, I also tied lovely ribbon pieces and scraps to make those cute tails that will wave at me each day I open my planners.

Enjoy the stationery nerdfest by watching my video review and tutorial. Please remember to like and comment directly on my YouTube channel so I get correct stats in Google! Also, if you know anyone that might enjoy planning and paper clips, please feel free to share my video. Have a sparkle-riffic year, everyone!

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