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Enter 1 time every day* until March 30, 2016  for your chance at beads, Accu-Flex® beading wire, Swarovski® crystal, pearls, tools, Zebra Wire™ and So. Much. More!

If any of my fellow beading friends are interested, I just got the message above that Fire Mountain Gems is having a free beading supplies giveaway. Please just click my affiliate referral link here or above so I get credit. I’d sure appreciate it. You can enter every day at least 1ce. Good luck and have a sparkle-riffic day!

Help Me Choose and Score Some Sparkle!

UPDATE: Sadly, I didn’t have much participation in this contest. The few entries received did not use both hashtags for the contest. So….maybe next time? Sniffles. Gotta get more sparkly peeps engaged in my giveaways. I’ll try another one soon. Thanks to the two gals who tried. I appreciated your response in the survey, too! 

survey collage 2

I’ve been working my sparkly fingers to the bone updating my old website to get ready for a grand opening, complete with eCommerce directly on my new site. In the course of sparks flying off my keyboard and beading mat, I’ve decided to offer a giveaway in return for some much needed feedback for what to name my new collections.

Please take about 3-5 minutes to answer these two questions which will help me choose the names of my handmade jewelry collections. This will also offer valuable insight into trends and potential avenues for me to expand my brand.

Simply take the survey between now and noon Mountain time on Tuesday February 9, 2016; like/ follow me and then share the survey link via Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #scoresparkle and #SparkleByMonica. (If you are already a fan or follower of my social media above, you are halfway there and can just use the hashtags mentioned). This will allow me to see who has entered so I may contact the winner.

I will be giving away a sparkle-riffic Valentine themed piece of handmade jewelry (either a bracelet, earrings or necklace) to a randomly selected survey respondent.

Valentine Jewelry Collage- cropped

The winner will be announced Wednesday afternoon February 10, 2016 by 5:00 p.m. Mountain time. Have a sparkle-riffic day and good luck!

Valentine Sparkletine Contest: Show the Love to Sparkle by Monica!

Last year I ran a social media contest for my handmade jewelry business A Touch of Sparkle by Monica. The winner of last year’s contest won a delightful wire wrapped ring design using a heart shaped button. I would like to try this again, so get ready!

If you would like a chance to win a Valentine themed piece of jewelry, please show me the love and do the following wherever you participate on social media:

  1. Facebook: like my page and Valentine Bracelets photo album tag me @sparklebymonica , using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica describing why you would love an item in the photo album.
  2. Instagram: Follow and tag me @touchofsparkl , using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica in a brief sentence accompanying a picture modeling one of my pieces that you’ve either received from me as a gift or purchased from me.
  3. Pinterest: Follow any or all of my boards. Add one of my Valentine themed items from my Etsy shop to your Valentine themed board and tag me @touchofsparkl , using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica describing why you would love that item.
  4. Twitter: Follow and mention me @touchofsparkl . Use the hashtag #SparkleByMonica in a brief sentence accompanying a picture modeling one of my pieces that you’ve either received from me as a gift or purchased from me.
  5. YouTube: Subscribe to my channel and watch a video of your choice all the way to the end. Like it and comment what you loved most about the video, using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica.

There are 5 ways to enter and win this year! Depending on the amount of participation, I may award up to 5 lucky people a Valentine themed piece of jewelry complete with pretty pink and red packaging.

Enter as many times as you like from 12:00 am on Thursday February 5th through 5:00pm on Wednesday 11th, 2015. I will select a winner or up to 5 winners by midnight on the 11th. I plan to ship out on the 12th in hopes that you may receive your very own Sparkletine from me in time for the holiday weekend. Be sure to watch for winner announcements and get ready to message me with your mailing address if selected!

Thanks, sparkly shoppers, for showing me the love again this year! I appreciate your business and look forward to filling your custom orders!

Taylor Swift’s Fan Appreciation Gifts: Celebrity Challenge to #TayItForward

So today I came across a video trending where Taylor Swift is apparently still sending gifts to her fans. She sent her bodyguard to hand deliver a “SwiftEx” box with several goodies which included a hand painted personalized watercolor for her fan Rebekah. There were also some other trinkets which were special to her which she wanted to pass on to her fan, like regular besties might do. And finally, she gifted her $1989 towards her student loans in the amount of her newest record title.

So, to Hollywood divas and douches that think you are too far above the masses…remember how you came into all your fine opportunities, cash flow and fame? It was due to your fans. Hard work may be a big part for some people, excluding celebutants like supposed “reality” television stars and others. At the end of the day you owe your debt back to your fans that watch you, listen to you and consume everything to do with your existence.

I hereby issue a celebrity challenge: Follow Taylor Swift’s lead. #TayItForward. Give something back to your fans. Engage with them sincerely. Send something to them. Share something with them. Give something more of yourself than just bearing your buns on a magazine cover (cough…Kim Kardashian). Be a positive light for people to feel good about rather than have a fame seeking negative and spoiled image that does nothing for yourself or your fans.

I’ve only had one cd by Taylor Swift which was a Christmas one. I’ve never really considered myself a fan of hers. Until today. For those that say she is doing this for publicity, well…in a way yes…publicizing that she appreciates her fans. That is a positive reason to spread to the world. I’d rather see this, rather than people making a sex tape, joining “reality” tv casts, shaving your head while on a drug binge or whatever else you see daily in the news with alot of people these days.

Kudos, Taylor! You are sparkle-riffic!!

Sparkle by Monica YouTube Subscriber Thanks: Fall Contest Giveaway to the 1,050th Subscriber!


Contest giveaway details: I am now up to 1,031 YouTube fans at my channel. When I reach 1,050 subscribers, as a special sparkly thank you, I will give away a fall themed bracelet. If you’ve not already subscribed to my channel, please visit and do the following to qualify:

  • Subscribe to my channel.
  • Click any of my videos.
  • Comment “I love #SparkleByMonica” on the video directly at YouTube.
  • Be sure to “like” the video you’re commenting on.

The 1,050th subscriber will receive a fall themed bracelet. To help get the fall feel, here’s a link to my Halloween Spooky Sparkles and Thanksgiving videos.


Thanks again, everyone! Please visit my website for more info and links to my social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Giveaway Announcement: Thank You! Now Over 1,000 YouTube Subscribers!

Update: Since I posted this I’ve gotten swamped this weekend, so I will make the giveaway announcement Monday night 10-6-14 at 9pm AZ time. In the meantime, I’m up to 1,025 subscribers! Thanks, everyone.

I had a really bad Monday today, my sparkly shoppers and sisters. I needed some YouTube therapy. What sparkle-riffic surprise did I get after watching a few cool videos? I discovered that I am now officially over one thousand YouTube subscribers at my Sparkle by Monica channel! Wow!

I’m so touched to see that I have 1,012 YouTube subscribers! I have decided to do another giveaway to say thanks. Please stay tuned this coming weekend for an announcement with giveaway details.

Once I graduate in December and get moved to TX, I will be concentrating on amping up my handmade jewelry website (which I just redesigned) and various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter . I will also be able to include more frequent videos and sparkle-tastic giveaways.

Please comment on and “like” any of my videos that you enjoy. I’m still learning and look forward to honing my video skills, so please keep in mind I’m not a pro videographer, by any means.

For anyone looking for handmade holiday gifts, please visit my Etsy shop or Artfire store for currently in stock items, or please contact me if you’d like a custom order or uniquely themed design.

Again, thank you so much for watching and if you’ve not already done so, please subscribe to my channel. Stay tuned for this weekend’s giveaway announcement at 5:00 p.m. Sunday evening 10-5-14. Have a sparkle-riffic day!

Help Me Get Published on Bead Style Magazine Cover! Please VOTE!

UPDATE: Official announcement will be April 18th for the winner of the BeadStyle Magazine cover!!! Fingers and toes crossed that my Crab Pendant Necklace gets selected!
Please rate my entry into the Bead Style Magazine’s Jewelry Design Contest. I have submitted one of my designs to Bead Style Magazine’s contest for the possibility of being shown on one of their magazine covers. Voting for entries runs from February 1- March 15 , 2014. Please rate me through their 5-star system and leave any pertinent comments you might like about my jewelry or that particular design.
The design I submitted is for my Beachcomber Ocean Blue Green Crab Pendant Necklace and Shell Earring Set. The picture was taken by my cousin, Candace West, who is a spark-tacular photographer- West Photo Knoxville. It would be sparkle-riffic for us both to gain exposure for our businesses if my design was selected for this contest.
Thank you so much for your help and continued support of A Touch of Sparkle by Monica.
Kitty logo by my friend and sparkle-tastic artist, Becky Phelps.