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Crafters Unite: Beading Storage Tool Box & Inexpensive Findings

Tool Box and Findings

So glad I came across a fellow YouTuber’s review vlog of some handy storage container carriers and findings. I followed her lead and ordered the headpins and jumprings multi packs (along with a bunch of neat lampwork glass Christmas beads) from Oriental Trading…and went to Harbor Freight to pick up these 10 Tray Utility Boxes with my 20% off coupon. The 1,000 bulk pack headpins and jumprings may sound expensive at $17.50 and $12.99, but they actually average up to or a little over 1 cent per piece. All excellent purchases!

Since The Frugal Crafter’s video didn’t get much into the size of the boxes, I decided to make this brief vlog to fill in the blanks. So far, I’m loving my purchases and may even go back to pick up a few more boxes at Harbor Freight.

I’m not sponsored by Harbor Freight or Oriental Trading, but I sure do love their products for organizing and creating my handmade jewelry! Thanks again for your tips, Lindsay Weirich- The Frugal Crafter! You rock!

From Harbor Freight:

From Oriental Trading:

The Frugal Crafter’s Product Review Video: https://youtu.be/59-CBeqOFMk

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Fall Haul Bead & Craft Supplies Video Plus Awesome Autumn Hairbow and Sunflower Necklace

Craft Supplies Haul thumbnail

I decided to make my first ever craft supplies haul video, as that seems to be a popular request from my sparkly shoppers as well as what is done by my fellow YouTubers, such as Lindsay The Frugal Crafter (whose channel I love- so please check her out, too!). I was actually inspired to do my video based on The Frugal Crafter’s recent haul, because her video reminded me where I’d stashed my recently purchased (and lost) Halloween ice trays to make my resin pieces. Craft hoarding is a sickness, y’all! hahaha.

In my video, I am displaying some spooky sparkles and awesome Autumn themed crafty items I picked up recently at my local El Paso, Texas Dollar Trees, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, K-Mart, Katz Beadz, & Western Traders stores. Warning: Evidence of major craft hoarding is displayed.

Of all the fall themed goodies I’ve picked up recently, my favorites are the rubber ice cube trays, fake leaves and duct tape. I plan to make resin pieces with the ice cube trays and for $1 each, that is a great deal for the detail in each tray. When you calculate purchasing other trays specifically for resin or candy making can run between $5 – $35 a piece! Just remember once you use a food grade ice tray or candy tray to make resin, you can’t go back to making chocolates or ice with them! Tip: Use a mold release spray or a cotton swab to rub some baby oil in these rubber trays since they aren’t as easily removable as silicone trays made for resin. This way your pieces will pop out easier from the molds.
IMG_9203 Autumn collage

I also took some time to create a cool seasonal hair bow for Fall with the fake leaves, raffia and leaf themed ribbon that I purchased at the Dollar Tree. I mixed those items with coordinating ribbon I already had on hand as well as one of the Hobby Lobby wooden pumpkin embellishments. The leaves come individually in mixed packages. Once I layered in a staggered pattern, I hand stitched them to a scrap piece of Grosgrain ribbon so that would fit nicely into my Bowdabra bow maker for easier layering.

I also made a necklace pendant from one of the felt sunflower stickers that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Very easy! I created a spiraled wire wrapped bail and hot glued it on back. Then I hot glued a spare button over top of the bail to hide the glue glob, although that wasn’t necessary. I do preferred the neat handmade finish that the button gives to the back. Since this is a multi-layered sunflower, the 3D effect makes a lovely accent piece on any chain or necklace material you prefer wearing.

Sunflower collage

Enjoy the goodies and don’t forget the best items and coolest gadgets can sometimes be found at your local dollar stores! Especially holiday themed goodies. I’m not sponsored by any of these stores, but I sure do love shopping for crafty cuteness there!

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