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Valentine Sparkletine Contest: Show the Love to Sparkle by Monica!

Last year I ran a social media contest for my handmade jewelry business A Touch of Sparkle by Monica. The winner of last year’s contest won a delightful wire wrapped ring design using a heart shaped button. I would like to try this again, so get ready!

If you would like a chance to win a Valentine themed piece of jewelry, please show me the love and do the following wherever you participate on social media:

  1. Facebook: like my page and Valentine Bracelets photo album tag me @sparklebymonica , using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica describing why you would love an item in the photo album.
  2. Instagram: Follow and tag me @touchofsparkl , using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica in a brief sentence accompanying a picture modeling one of my pieces that you’ve either received from me as a gift or purchased from me.
  3. Pinterest: Follow any or all of my boards. Add one of my Valentine themed items from my Etsy shop to your Valentine themed board and tag me @touchofsparkl , using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica describing why you would love that item.
  4. Twitter: Follow and mention me @touchofsparkl . Use the hashtag #SparkleByMonica in a brief sentence accompanying a picture modeling one of my pieces that you’ve either received from me as a gift or purchased from me.
  5. YouTube: Subscribe to my channel and watch a video of your choice all the way to the end. Like it and comment what you loved most about the video, using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica.

There are 5 ways to enter and win this year! Depending on the amount of participation, I may award up to 5 lucky people a Valentine themed piece of jewelry complete with pretty pink and red packaging.

Enter as many times as you like from 12:00 am on Thursday February 5th through 5:00pm on Wednesday 11th, 2015. I will select a winner or up to 5 winners by midnight on the 11th. I plan to ship out on the 12th in hopes that you may receive your very own Sparkletine from me in time for the holiday weekend. Be sure to watch for winner announcements and get ready to message me with your mailing address if selected!

Thanks, sparkly shoppers, for showing me the love again this year! I appreciate your business and look forward to filling your custom orders!

Valentine Hashtag Contest: Win a Heart or Rose Ring from A Touch of Sparkle by Monica

Hello, my sparklies! I’ve decided to run my first ever Valentine Contest utilizing social media and the hashtag term #SparkleByMonica. If you belong to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter then please enter this easy contest for your chance to win a Valentine themed ring and beautifully charming ring box.

If you would like to post pictures of items that you’ve purchased from me or received as gifts, please do so with a brief statement of why you love A Touch of Sparkle by Monica. It will be Valentine’s Day before you know it after all, so let me feel the love! Send me your own special Valentine message at Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #SparkleByMonica, but be sure to @ my profile handle so I will get copied. You are not limited to the number of times you may comment as entries into my Valentine contest. So, feel free to send a trend my way!

I will select 3 random winners on February 10, 2014. One person will be chosen from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each person selected will receive a ring designed by myself along with either a heart ring box or a larger rose ring box, depending on ring height and button width. The large plastic heart buttons do not completely fit inside the large rose boxes, but I will still send one of those style boxes with the heart ring if I select that version for one of the winners. Random winners, random ring designs.

Please watch the cute little YouTube video I’ve created further explaining the contest and showing off several of the Valentine’s themed rings. If you have not already done so, please comment, like and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel!

I have large heart button rings, wired heart button rings, wired rose button rings and coming soon….some wired bead rings. Sizes vary, so once I select the 3 random winners on each social media site, I will need to get your ring size so that I can select which ring to send you. I will also need you to provide me with your correct mailing address to receive the ring package.

Well, good luck everyone! This will be interesting to see how the hashtag contest will do and I look forward to the pre-Valentine’s lovefest! For anyone not familiar with my handmade jewelry, please visit my website or see my Etsy shop. Fans of my social media sites at Facebook and Twitter can use a special 5% discount coupon to use in my Etsy shop. Have a sparkle-riffic day!