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Halloween Duct Tape Hair Bows Video Tutorial

bows intro slide

I hope you enjoy many spooky sparkles this Halloween and remember to stay safe while you are at parties or taking the kids trick-or-treating. Darth Vader (a.k.a. the hubby) and I shall be spending another exciting Halloween evening at home with our four cats tucked safely indoors while I beg him for the 23rd year of our relationship to actually watch The Excorcist, to no avail. LOL.

scary movies Exorcist collage

This will be the first time in about 8 years that we won’t be giving out candy, but next year will be “killer” once we finalize our remodeling to the front entryway. He’s not much of a party person, so we’re opting out of this year’s festivities since our relocation to Texas last November.

Bows Collage

Speaking of scary sparklies, I recently made some last minute Halloween themed duct tape hair bows using Camouflage and Polka Dot tape designs purchased from the Dollar Tree. (See my Fall Craft Haul video for more goodies I got this year). I also coordinated the tape with some cool alphabet monograms from an Etsy shop called TicTacTogs. I made 10 hair bows and 2 bow ties to give to friends and family for the holiday festivities. Please watch my Halloween Hair Bow video tutorial for this DIY as well as tips for flattening bottle caps, differences in glue, and other tidbits. It’s about 26 minutes, so be sure you get a spooky beverage and candy of your choice to enjoy my insanity. If you want to skip the flattening bottle cap and tips about images and glue, then click to 8:35 on the time while playing. I also reveal my inner Penelope Garcia in an homage to one of my fav Criminal Minds TV characters while mimicking her cute pigtails in my hair bows. Don’t forget to watch in HD for maximum spook effect!

Penelope comparison

Now I’m off to go teach my wire wrapped candy corn earring class today at Michaels west side location on Sunland Park Drive in El Paso. Have a safe, spooky and sparkly Halloween, everyone!