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2100 YouTube Subscribers!!

2100 Subscriber thanks

WOW!!! Thank you all sparkly bunches! I just reached 2,100 subscribers today over at my YouTube channel!! I’m working on more content for you all and hope to begin posting monthly on Sparkly Sundays! Would you like to see videos posted on the 1st or last Sunday each month?

Thanks so much for sticking with me as I’ve been remodeling my website and ramping up my jewelry business! If I get close to 2,500 subscribers, I will have another giveaway, so please be sure to share my channel, comment and “thumb’s up” if you like any of my videos over there. The more exposure and viewer feedback I get, the better my content can become.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!! Thanks to everyone who is already a subscriber and to all my new sparkly fans!

DIY Rose Dangle Earrings Tutorial

Earring Tutorial intro 2

I just loved making these pretty rose themed dangle earrings, but my favorite part was creating a themed and functional flower vase earring card holder for this gift. I got to finally use some long lost card making supplies to create an earring card holder in a floral theme to mimic the earrings. I learned many new techniques such as using embossing powder and watercoloring with Crayola markers.

Card Due Floral Frame Labelled

For these dangle earrings you will need:

These earrings are ultra simple to make once you get the hang of the various tools and using your wrist to re-position as you either create a simple loop or a wrapped wire loop. I prefer the wire wrapped loops because they are more secure, more snug to the beads and offer a lovely spiral/ circular design element in the wrap. You can extend your wrapped loops to create a bead cap scenario if desired, but I would suggest only doing that for large beads over the size 18 mm.

Click here to view the earring jewelry making tutorial. Please follow it over directly to my YouTube channel, then comment, thumb’s up and SUBSCRIBE to help support my handmade business and future craft tutorial projects.

Have a sparkle-riffic day and happy beading!

DIY Mother’s Day Earring Card & Flowers

Mother's Day Collage Earrings FlowersI meant to have this posted yesterday, however, the workshop and website grand re-opening have consumed my editing time table. lol.

I created a special cardmaking project that stretched me a little bit outside of my regular jewelry making and instruction comfort zone. The end result taught me several new artistic techniques, gave me some wonderful ideas for future holiday workshops and allowed me to use several of my scrapbooking supplies that had been previously unused and just languishing in my closet.

I was asked to teach a Mother’s Day themed workshop at one of the local community centers here in El Paso at Galatzan Park. Although there was not a lot of advertising time to really get the word out, there were about 20 responses which will hopefully pave the way to future fun classes at that location. I’m excited for the upcoming Father’s Day Workshops at the Don Haskins and Galatzan Centers.

Galatzan collage

This project involves various regular and glitter cardstocks, floral and bright scrapbook paper stacks, Crayola markers, Daisy punch by Fiskars, Mason Jar  and Retro Flower punches by EK Success, embossing powder, Versamark clear ink, sheer ribbon, glue, foam dots, water, paint brushes, Bead Landing earring punch, and earring jewelry making components in a rose theme.



For video tutorials on how to assemble this fun floral card vase and rose earrings, please visit my YouTube channel to watch, comment, like and SUBSCRIBE! Click here to purchase the rose dangle earrings at Etsy.

I hope everyone had a sparkle-riffic Mother’s Day!


DIY Storage Gift for Crafters: Bead & Embellishment Tin Video Tutorial

Bead Tin Canva YouTube Thumbnail - final slideAfter taking a beading class several years ago, I wanted to share the sparkles about this little gem of a gift. A now dear friend of mine who taught the class, gave me a bead tin and even included a little pair of scissors with a darling bead dangle on it. I still use that bead tin and scissors to this day! I have also now made several more bead tins for myself, as functional gifts for friends and my own jewelry students. So, special thanks to Gloria for giving me this great gift idea!

Special tips:

  1. Using E-6000 jewelry glue instead of hot glue reduces your chance of lumps underneath the felt or beading mat (hot glue cools VERY quickly on the metal lid).
  2. For bead weavers, felt may snag on your thin beading needles. A better alternative is to cut your circle piece from a bead mat made of velvet, velour or foam.
  3. Lovely gift giving idea is to include a small pair of beading scissors and/or a few strands of beads for the recipient.
  4. Reuse, reduce and recycle by using up some of those clanky tins you’ve got cluttering up your kitchen cabinets!
  5. This is also a great gift idea for scrapbookers that attend scrap parties and swap embellishments.

Please watch the video tutorial over at my YouTube channel, give me a thumb’s up there if you like it and please SUBSCRIBE for more crafty content.

If you make this for yourself or as a gift for fellow beading or scrapbooking enthusiasts, please hashtag your photo #SparkleByMonica at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram so that I can see your designs! Have a sparkle-riffic Valentine’s Day and happy beading!

A Sparkletale…The Sparkly Beader

So…as usual…I’m late to the technical guru partay, but I have now officially tried my hand at iMovie via my lovely Rose Gold Apple iPhone 6S Plus. I must say that I think this little sparkly fairytale a.k.a. sparkletale turned out to be pretty cute.

Sparkly Beader Circle of Beads- 2I included a mix of current projects and past designs with a little help from some friends and maybe a cat or two. So, grab a frosty beverage and prepare to be sparkle-fied, my speeps (that’s sparkly peeps)! lol

Special thanks to my friends and family for allowing me to showcase some jewelry designs I made using their photos, as well as my previous models Joan, Amanda, Linda and Troop Tritapoe.

If you’ve previously received items from me as a gift or purchased them directly and would like to be included in future showcases, please hashtag #sparklebymonica at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on a photo of you wearing the piece(s). Have a sparkle-riffic day, everyone!

Help Me Choose and Score Some Sparkle!

UPDATE: Sadly, I didn’t have much participation in this contest. The few entries received did not use both hashtags for the contest. So….maybe next time? Sniffles. Gotta get more sparkly peeps engaged in my giveaways. I’ll try another one soon. Thanks to the two gals who tried. I appreciated your response in the survey, too! 

survey collage 2

I’ve been working my sparkly fingers to the bone updating my old website to get ready for a grand opening, complete with eCommerce directly on my new site. In the course of sparks flying off my keyboard and beading mat, I’ve decided to offer a giveaway in return for some much needed feedback for what to name my new collections.

Please take about 3-5 minutes to answer these two questions which will help me choose the names of my handmade jewelry collections. This will also offer valuable insight into trends and potential avenues for me to expand my brand.

Simply take the survey between now and noon Mountain time on Tuesday February 9, 2016; like/ follow me and then share the survey link via Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #scoresparkle and #SparkleByMonica. (If you are already a fan or follower of my social media above, you are halfway there and can just use the hashtags mentioned). This will allow me to see who has entered so I may contact the winner.

I will be giving away a sparkle-riffic Valentine themed piece of handmade jewelry (either a bracelet, earrings or necklace) to a randomly selected survey respondent.

Valentine Jewelry Collage- cropped

The winner will be announced Wednesday afternoon February 10, 2016 by 5:00 p.m. Mountain time. Have a sparkle-riffic day and good luck!

Etsy’s Gone Public: Handmade Artists Clamor for a Back to Basics Storefront, but Options are Limited

I’ve been on Etsy for about 4 years now. So far, it has allowed my hobby to do well, but usually only around Christmas. Since I’ve been doing it part time up until now…I was ok with that. Now that I’ve moved and graduated, I want to see about making it full time, but with the sporadic sales at Etsy that I’ve previously experienced, I realize I can’t have all my beads in one basket. As a result of my desire to expand, I’ve begun researching other suggestions for alternative places to sell crafts online.

I tried Artfire for over a year, with only 4 sales- not a success! It’s now a $20 – 60 monthly fee (I used to pay $12.95) whether you sell or not, so it’s not worth it for me to continue trying them. I’m now experimenting with inSelly viaInstagram‘s new marketplace. So far there are a lot of glitches and I’ve not made any sales there after just over a month of trying it out. I’m researching the following:

None of them have the traffic so far that Etsy has garnered over 10 years since they opened up.

I’ve got a website which links to my Etsy shop, but my audience is not large enough to sustain shopping at the website alone. If you can’t drive traffic to your website, regardless of offering a free standing eCommerce cart on it or linking to your Etsy shop, having a website alone still won’t guarantee success unless your brand becomes very popular and your SEO is amazing. Usually, artisans rely on blogs, social media, YouTube channel and craft shops such as Etsy to point to their website if they even have one. Many times successful artisans have their website with a shopping cart feature as their main sales presence, but still open Etsy shops due to the popularity of that site and the exposure that could be gained by pointing from their shop to their website.

Until someone mimics the success of Yardsellr which used to run as a marketplace app selling via Facebook, that will truly put the pressure on artisans as to how many marketplaces to try and fail vs. craft fairs or Etsy. Yardsellr did better for me in the 6 months I was there than in the entire 4 years I’ve been with Etsy. They had a great formula for tying in the social experience to get your items seen via people seeing your item intermittently when they logged into Facebook. Then, you could choose to pay ads and as Yardsellr got more popular, they started messing up by creating games to earn ad credits which led to chaos and an abrupt shutdown.

The truth is, most creative people are frustrated by constantly researching SEO tactics and uploading items into new online craft shops, in addition to attending craft fairs, taking great photos and keeping up with eMarketing communications via social media. All these tasks reduce the amount of time to CREATE, which is why we handmade artisans got involved with Etsy for in the first place, right? To get our goods online in front of the world, while still allowing time for us to make our goodies. If you want to be successful, you must always keep an eye on trends in your craft as well as your sales locale and audience shift. This means battling the frustration or just giving up online altogether in favor of craft fairs, home parties and personal sales.
So, I’m thankful for Etsy, but I’m looking at additional alternatives to use in conjunction with that shop in order to grow my biz online plus beginning to go to craft fairs. I wish Etsy would have made purchasing stock available to its sellers before going public so that we could have had an option in sharing in the wealth, since we helped them get to this point.Their stock already doubled on opening day and I’ve not seen the first invite as to how to get in on purchasing it, if I’m interested. Now I already can’t afford it. hahaha.