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Video: How to Make a Candy Bouquet with M&M’s and Snickers Sparkle by Monica

Had to update one of my crafty bouquet tutorials I did awhile back, so it lost the views. If you are interested in viewing this “sweet” video, I sure would appreciate the help getting it back up and running at YouTube. I love making these types of things. Now that I’ve moved away, I don’t have any new friends to make these nifty goodies for yet. Sniffles. Thanks bunches!

New Holiday Videos at YouTube from A Touch of Sparkle by Monica

Happy Sparkle-riffic Holidays, everyone!

I have recently created a new Christmas Video Catalog of my handmade jewelry which showcases many of my holiday themed designs. A customer favorite are my peppermint bracelets and rings. These are made of lampwork glass beads made to look like peppermints. That makes me hungry.

Over the last month, I made a few special holiday themed candy gifts. I have now edited them and uploaded to my YouTube channel, so please check them out.

One gift is a unique way to give someone their favorite candy and soda.

The other is a tree themed gift which is perfect for your party table or to give to a loved one.

For more information about my designs, please visit my website A Touch of Sparkle by Monica. Fan me at Facebook, follow me at Twitter and you can receive a special 5% discount coupon code to use towards your purchase in my Etsy shop. Thank you!

Candy Bouquet Tutorial Video at A Touch of Sparkle by Monica YouTube Channel

Here is the newest crafty tutorial on my YouTube channel for the recent candy bouquet I made with Snickers and Peanut M&M’s. I have seen these in my local grocery stores with various types of candy and thought I’d try my hand at making one for my supervisor for her birthday. She loves these 2 particular candies, so I loaded this vase full of the peanut M&M’s in the bottom for added color and interest while poking both kinds into the top. More delicious than flowers, right?

Please view this video over on my channel; comment, like and subscribe there. Thanks!